Eating Disorder Coordinators

Eating Disorders Coordinators (EDC) can play an important role within any service involved in the care of people with eating disorders and their families.  Focusing on eating disorders service development and clinical leadership, the role can lead change within their service and the wider system of care, particularly with adequate resourcing and support from their organisation.

Historically the role was established as a portfolio within Victorian area mental health services with an identified key contact clinician to coordinate an appropriate mental health service response for eating disorders in conjunction with the authorised psychiatrist; as well as support clinical staff from all program areas (Adult and CAMHS).

CEED provides support and resources for the EDC role through professional development and networking forums as well as clinical consultations. 

The following resources have been developed by CEED and are available in the Resources section of the website under Service Development

  • EDC Role Description
  • EDC Capacity Building Role Resource (available soon)