12th December 2017
Input needed from public mental health clinicians who have worked with eating disorders
Opportunity to participate in research: A Critical Analysis of the Current Victorian Models of Service Delivery in Eating Disorders - The Clinicians Perspectiv
15th September 2017
New CEED resources
CEED is always adding new resources to it's Resources and Links section of the website
07th August 2017
National commitment to Eating Disorders
Federal and State Governments all agreed to make eating disorders a focus for the next 5 years
17th July 2017
Fantastic video resources for carers
The At Home With Eating Disorders Conference for carers are now available to view online
13th June 2017
Career Opportunity Available at the Butterfly Foundation
The Butterfly Foundation is looking for a Dietitian to join their Sydney team.
07th June 2017
CEED launches newsletter CONNECTED, June 2017!
Get the latest CEED news in the June issue of CONNECTED!
26th May 2017
***Career Opportunity at CEED***
Career Opportunity at CEED: Make a contribution as a clinician, consultant, trainer and in service development in our dynamic state-wide organisation
24th March 2017
Participants wanted for exciting new research project
Closing the treatment gap: A longitudinal study of treatment attitudes, media, and stigma among individuals with diagnosed or suspected eating disorders