NEDC Video
Created by the NEDC, this half-hour video module is aimed at health professionals and provides an introduction to recovery-focused psychological treatments for eating disorders
Our Family Story
Hear from three families who have cared for a young person or adult with an eating disorder.
Explaining Family Based Treatment and its Evidence
Video from US explaining what FBT is and why we use with young people.
Muscle Dysmorphia – The Male Eating Disorder
Muscle Dysmorphia – The Male Eating Disorder | Scott Griffiths | TEDxSydney
CEED Webinar 2017
Management of medical consequences of eating disorders in acute health care settings: Prof David Russell
At Home With Eating Disorders 2017
At Home with Eating Disorders 2017 conference for families and carers of those with an eating disorder videos - Butterfly Foundation and F.E.A.S.T
Medical Management Part 1
Dr Catherine Lynch discusses medical issues and their management in the community setting arising from malnutrition in eating disorders and the compensatory behaviours seen in adolescents and adults with eating disorders. 
Medical Management Part 2
Following on from Medical Management in the Community Part 1. A diverse panel covers a range of issues from multi-disciplinary and lived experience perspectives