Opportunity to participate in research

Do you work for a Victorian public mental health service?


Have you worked with people experiencing eating disorders?


We want to hear from Victorian public mental health clinicians who have worked with people experiencing eating disorders to complete a series of brief surveys.


Using information we have obtained from mental health clinicians, carers, ex-service users and previous research, we have developed a pioneering integrated model of eating disorder service delivery for Victoria.  Now we need to know if you think it could work!


The surveys will allow you to decide what are the most important components of eating disorder service delivery, and what are the possible problems with implementing this new model.  After each survey round, we will update and further refine this model to make sure it encompasses what you think is most important.  After all – you are the clinicians who work within these mental health services!


This Deakin University research project is being conducted by Associate Professor Genevieve Pepin and Rachel Knight.


If you are interested in participating in approximately 3 survey rounds (estimated duration of 20-30 minutes each, plus an additional 15 minutes reading time with the first survey only) that will help us develop and refine a model aimed at enhancing the experience of service delivery for eating disorders in Victoria, please contact Genevieve Pepin for more information.


Genevieve Pepin

Ph: 5227 8462

Email: genevieve.pepin@deakin.edu.au