Participants wanted for exciting new research project

Clinicians are encouraged to promote this NHMRC funded project looking at treatment attitudes, media, and stigma among individuals with diagnosed or suspected eating disorders. Findings from this research will help researchers, psychologists and educators to identify barriers to seeking treatment, develop better pathways to treatment, and improve treatments. In addition, the findings will help us understand the impact that stigma has on treatment seeking and on mental health more generally, and the impact that new and relatively under-studied forms of media, including social media and Internet pornography, have on eating disorder symptoms and mental health.

Researchers at the University of Melbourne are seeking individuals aged 18 years and over and who i) are currently diagnosed with an eating disorder, or ii) think they might have an eating disorder, for a study of treatment attitudes, media use, and stigma.

The study initially involves a 25–35 minute online survey and two shorter 15–20 surveys that will be emailed to you 3 and 6 months later, respectively. We will donate $5 AUD for each of the second and third times you complete the survey. You can choose which of 7 eating disorder charities will receive your donation. If you complete both the second and third survey, your total donation will be $10 AUD.

We are seeking 500 participants. Thus, the total possible donation to eating disorder charities is $5000 AUD.

Click to learn more about the study and to participate: