24th October 2018
CBT-E: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Eating Disorders presented by CEED Clinicians, Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th October 2018.
30th October 2018
CEED is excited to again be working with Andrew Wallis to offer an intensive training workshop in Multi-Family Therapy for AN (MFT-AN). The training will be facilitated by Andrew Wallis, clinical specialist social worker and family therapist from the Eating Disorder Service, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and will utilise material from the Maudsley MFT training with attention to the Australian context.
16th November 2018
Specialist supportive clinical management (SSCM) presented by Dr Jennifer Jordan and Dr Virginia McIntosh, Friday 16th November 2018.
22nd November 2018
Family-Based Treatment (FBT) is recognised as the first line, evidence-based, early intervention model of care for adolescents with anorexia nervosa (AN). FBT for AN has been developed and researched worldwide since the 1990s. CEED has developed and delivered FBT training over several years to provide workforce development in this model to suit Victorian Service conditions. In the last ten years CEED has trained to over 700 clinicians and provided service development and consultation support to implement the FBT model of care in many Victorian CAMH / CYMH Services.
25th February 2019
CEED is partnering with EDFA to deliver a one day workshop and 4 day training in a new model of treatment Temperament Based Therapy with Supports