CEED Eating Disorders Webinar Program 2017: Malnutrition & Medical Risk in Eating Disorders
October 25, 2017 - 1:00pm
24th May 2017

CEED Eating Disorders Webinar Program 2017: Malnutrition & Medical Risk in Eating Disorders


Hosted by:

Prof David Russell, MD FRACP

Director Department of General Medicine, Physician, Department of Gastroenterology, Director of Clinical Nutrition Service & Principal Fellow, Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne


Professor Russell, Professor of General Medicine at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, a Gastroenterologist and Director of the Clinical Nutrition Service.  Professor Russell has had over 30 years clinical experience in treating malnutrition and has a particular interest in severe malnutrition associated with eating disorders.  He was a member of the Victorian Eating Disorders Strategy Task Force of the Department of Health in Victoria in 2014.  He works in close association with the  adult eating disorder unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in the Department of Psychiatry.
The significant impacts of eating disorders on physical health and the resultant risks require expert management  to ensure prevention of complications and timely treatment.  Health professionals working in primary care, mental health, emergency and acute medicine need thorough knowledge in identification, monitoring and management of these uncommon but serious medical problems to ensure clients receive a high quality treatment response.
Webinar Objectives:

In this webinar Professor Russell will: 

•    discuss medical issues arising from the malnutrition seen in adults with eating disorders 
•    the medical presentations clinicians need to be alert to 
•    how medical complications are safely managed and resolved 
•    how the care team and different services can collaborate to provide safety and best care for clients

Date:                               Wednesday October 25th   2017,  1.00 – 2.00 pm.

Target Audience:             GP’s, Psychiatrists, Practice Nurses, MHNIP’s nurses, Emergency Department staff, medical specialists treating eating disorders.

Cost:                               FREE


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