Family-Based approaches to working with the body image concerns of young people with eating disorders
July 24, 2020 - 9:00am
06th December 2019

Family-Based approaches to working with the body image concerns of young people with eating disorders


Body Image (BI) concerns and associated distress, are well-established features of eating disorders. Despite this, consumers report current treatment often does not directly address these concerns, and thus exacerbates their feelings of being misunderstood. In addition, parents frequently identify body image distress as a barrier to their ability to take the lead in restoring their child to full health and normal eating. Helping parents and young people understand, feel validated, and tolerate body image distress in the earlier stages of treatment is an important factor in eating disorders treatment and recovery (Sattler, Eickmeyer & Eisenkolb, 2018).

This training is specifically designed for clinicians providing parent–lead recovery treatments for adolescent AN, like FBT-AN. The training will incorporate a Lived Experience Expert (LEE) panel, providing the opportunity for clinicians to hear from young people and families about key issues in family-led treatment and recovery related to body image, and to ask questions about the application of this work from the LEE perspective.

The training will:

  • Equip clinicians with a basic understanding of body image and its relationship to eating disorders phenomenology and treatment;
  • Provide a framework for understanding key points in treatment during which body image distress is likely to present and impact on the confidence of clinical teams, families and the young person;
  • Identify interventions to proactively address and move through these key issues and stages in order to help the young person and their family to progress toward recovery.


Intended learning outcomes:

  • Competence in the provision of psychoeducation to families about BI, common BI difficulties throughout treatment and underlying neurobiological, sociocultural and identity-based aspects of BI
  • Practical skills to deliver a single-session family intervention exploring body image concepts and developing a shared understanding of the young person’s experience
  • Strategies to help parents engage in and facilitate emotion-focused coping with the young person
  • Competence to reflect upon and address barriers within teams, self, family and young person in order to promote a clear, responsive and empathic approach to body image distress
  • Opportunity to use the perspective of lived experience expertise to inform work with body image

Target audience:                 Mental health clinicians and other health professionals working with young people In treatment for an eating disorder

Venue: Hospital Education Centre (HEC)
Royal Melbourne Hospital - Royal Park Campus
34-54 Poplar Road, PARKVILLE, 3052, VIC
Cost: Clinicians employed in Victorian public mental health services: $95.00
Other health professionals: $230.00
Morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea will be provided

Registrations: https://www.trybooking.com/BHFPT Registrations close COB Friday 17 July 2020