Temperament Based Therapy with Supports (TBT-S) 4 day training and 1 day workshop
February 25, 2019 - 11:45am
06th December 2018

Temperament Based Therapy with Supports (TBT-S) 4 day training and 1 day workshop

For more information on both events, the model, the speakers and costs - go to www.edfaevents.com

4 day format (Clinicians)


The 4 day training will provide you knowledge and skills to provide TBT-S in more extensive settings, such as a 5-day format, or in weekly inpatient and outpatient individual and group settings. By the end of the training you will understand:

  • What, why, how and when to apply TBT-S

  • Temperament and brain-based skills for both client and supports

  • Temperament and brain-based explanations for symptoms and using skills

  • Optimal use of the multifamily* format in TBT-S

  • Demonstrations of experiential activities highlighting symptoms

It is a highly interactive training that offers continual opportunities to practice new clinical language and treatment tools.  

Attendees at this workshop will receive a package of resources. For the full suite of resources available to run the program, attendees will be able to access the TBT-S E-Text at an exclusive 30% off the full price during the training period only (www.brainbasedeatingdisorders.org)

​Walk away at the end of this training able to both deliver the 5-day intensive multi family format and/or incorporate the experiential components and principles of neuroscience into your existing treatment delivery model

​*Multifamily therapy involves several families working together to share knowledge, skills and experience of living with an eating disordered family member. They may meet in intensive groups over several days and/or on a regular basis over the course of many months

One Day  workshop for clinicians and carers


In a one day format, clinicians and carers will learn about the following

  • Basics of neurobiology of eating disorders

  • Menu of traits & heritability

  • Developing neurobiology literacy (clinicians and carers):  

  • Using neurobiological understanding to work with the person with AN & their family/supports

  • Negotiating and developing behavioural contracts

  • Helpful tools for family/supports and clients

Carers will come away with greater understanding about what is driving the eating disorders​ and valuable skills for working with their loved one. 

Clinicians: please note that the one day event is Day 1 of the 4 day training. It will set the basics upon which the rest of the training will draw from

EDFA has deliberately brought clinicians and carers together for this day to recognise that both are critical members of the team and can learn from each other as well as the TBT-S presenters.