CEED Webinar 2017

Management of medical consequences of eating disorders in acute health care settings: Prof David Russell

Presented by Prof David Russell, MD FRACP. Director Department of General Medicine, Physician, Department of Gastroenterology, Director of Clinical Nutrition Service & Principal Fellow, Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne

Webinar Overview:
Eating disorders can result in serious medical problems, including acute severe malnutrition, electrolyte disturbances and gastro-intestinal illness requiring acute medical care and careful rehabilitation. Professor Russell’s work over many years in general medicine and gastroenterology, and as the Director of General Medicine at Melbourne Health has led him to have great interest and particular expertise in the medical management of complex medical presentations in clients with eating disorders. In this webinar Professor Russell will outline:

  • The acute, severe medical consequences arising from malnutrition and the purging behaviours seen in adults experiencing eating disorders;
  • The management of these medical problems in an acute medical setting