Family Involvement in ED treatment

CEED Seminar: Family involvement in adult eating disorders treatment (2013)

In this seminar three Victorian specialist mental health, adult eating disorders services will discuss the range of approaches used to involve families & partners in their outpatient and inpatient treatment. This will include Single Session Family Consultations, Family Meal Support, FBT for young adults, and family focussed activities in day programs. The teams will share strategies, challenges and reflections.
Philippa Harrison, Team Leader/ Senior Clinician Body Image & Eating Disorders Treatment & Recovery Service (BETRS), St Vincents Health Melbourne
Dr Beth Shelton & Allyson Wheelhouse, Clinical Team Wellness & Recovery Centre (WRC), Monash Health
Liz Wynne, Snr Social Worker Royal Melbourne Hospital Eating Disorders Program, North Western Mental Health (NWMH)