Medical Management Part 1

Dr Catherine Lynch discusses medical issues and their management in the community setting arising from malnutrition in eating disorders and the compensatory behaviours seen in adolescents and adults with eating disorders. 

CEED was pleased to host the first seminar of the 2017 program - Medical Management of Eating Disorders in the Community. The significant impacts of eating disorders on physical health and the resultant risks require assertive management by the multi-disciplinary care team; to ensure prevention of complications and timely treatment. Health professionals working in primary care, mental health services, community health and support services and private practice need a thorough knowledge of the identification, monitoring and the management of the medical consequences of eating disorders to ensure clients receive a high quality and timely treatment response by engagement with GP’s and medical specialist for monitoring and treatment.

Speaker: Dr Catherine Lynch, FRACP, M. Bioethics, M.B.B.S. Clinical Advisor Paediatrics and Adolescents, Alfred Health; Consultant Paediatrician, Adolescent Medicine, Monash Children’s Hospital.