Who are we?

The Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED) is the state-wide program in the Victorian Government's commitment to the provision of quality services to those with eating disorders and their families. 

CEED was established in 2002 as part of the Victorian government's commitment to addressing and improving the quality of services available to people with eating disorders. CEED provides leadership and support through clinical consultation, training, resource and service development, to build quality and sustainable eating disorder treatment responses within the public specialist mental health service. We have also developed a range of early intervention strategies including interactive online resources. 

CEED is a state-wide program of Victoria's specialist public mental health services managed by North Western Mental Health. CEED is comprised of senior clinicians with extensive clinical experience in the eating disorders field.

CEED promotes excellence in eating disorders treatment through a focus on the following principles

  • Care should be based on current evidence
  • Service design and workforce development should be recovery oriented
  • Families and Carers are central members of any team
  • A planned care team approach


CEED Team:

Michelle Roberton BSc (Nutrition), Grad. Dip (Diet.), Grad. Dip (Hlth Ed), APD, AN
CEED Manager

Michelle is an Accredited Practising Dietitian with extensive clinical experience in the mental health sector, working with people with eating disorders in a wide range of public and private sector settings, and treatment modalities. At CEED Michelle has taken a senior clinical role in clinical consultation, the development and delivery of training for health professionals in the eating disorders treatment and recovery and in service development support.


Dr Campbell Thorpe, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Campbell Thorpe is a psychiatrist working in child and youth mental health with the Alfred Hospital and in private practice, for the last 15 years. He has recently commenced as the Consultant Psychiatrist with the Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders, and is currently the Head of Clinical Services, headspace Youth Early Psychosis Program, South Eastern Melbourne. Campbell has an enthusiasm for understanding mental health difficulties within a broader social context and a strong belief in the importance of positive social connections in recovery.
Rachel King  BOccTher. (currently on maternity leave)
Eating Disorders Senior Clinician
Rachel is an occupational therapist who has held various positions in the mental health sector in both Australia and the United Kingdom, including roles within specialist eating disorder programs (inpatient and outpatient).  She has been involved in leading service transformation, driving culture change and building workforce capability.  Currently, Rachel is completing her PhD exploring the acceptability of an integrated approach to eating disorders service delivery in Victoria.
Dr Emma Spiel BPsySc Hons, DPsych.
Eating Disorders Senior Clinician 
Dr Emma Spiel is a registered clinical psychologist who has worked in the areas of eating disorders, disordered eating and body image across public and private mental health sectors. Emma has published research relating to body image and eating disorders in international peer-reviewed journals, and currently sits as convener of a body image special interest group. Emma is a trained yoga teacher and has a particular interest in the role of embodied and contemplative practices as an adjunct to first line eating disorder treatments. Her work at CEED is motivated by a passion to support high quality eating disorder treatment service delivery and accessibility.
Jess Ryan, B.AppSc (Psych), GradDip (Psych), M.Psych (Clinical), MA ClinFamTher
Eating Disorders Senior Clinician

Jess is a Clinical Psychologist and family therapist with extensive experience working with people with eating disorders across public and private sectors. Jess has completed additional postgraduate training at The Bouverie Centre (Victoria’s Family Institution) specialising in family therapy. She is passionate about family inclusive practices, believing that directly engaging families is beneficial in the recovery process and fostering greater understanding for those involved. At CEED, Jess works within the youth team, providing clinical consultation and delivering training for health professionals. Her work is motivated by a desire increase the accessibility of high quality eating disorder treatment across Victoria and improve outcomes for people with eating disorder. 

Tanya Gilmartin, BPsych (Hons) , M.Psych (Clinical)
Eating Disorders Senior Clinician

Tanya is a Clinical Psychologist with a background working with adolescents and adults who have personality disorders and complex presentations, with a particular interest in working with people with eating disorders. She has experience in the development and implementation of group treatment programs with a range of populations. Her interest in personality disorders and eating disorders have led her to be the first person in Australia trained in RO-DBT and to engage in research exploring personality disorder and eating disorder comorbidity. She is hoping that her passion and experience for helping people recover can assist other clinicians to get the most out of their eating disorder recovery.


Annette Honigman MSW
Eating Disorders Senior Clinician

Annette holds a Master of Social Work and is an experienced mental health clinician, having worked across the public and private sector, predominantly in the area of eating disorders. Much of Annette’s work and area of interest, is working with families to help them better understand the complexities of an eating disorder. Annette is also passionate about helping families recognise the importance of their own self-care when caring for a loved one with an eating disorder.

Dr Sarah Trobe BA Arts (Hons), PhD (Clinical Psychology)​ MAPS (currently on maternity leave)
Eating Disorders Senior Clinician
Sarah is a registered Clinical Psychologist with experience in both the public and private sectors, predominantly in working with children and adolescents presenting with complex mental health difficulties. Sarah is passionate about setting up strong treatment networks and collaborations throughout the state, with skills in  service development and multidisciplinary care and coordination. Outside of CEED, Sarah’s current clinical work is focused on supporting young people with overweight and obesity and she is completing her Masters in Nutrition. These clinical and research pathways underlie Sarah’s interest in the link between physical health and mental health and current care structures in this field.