Clinical consultation and support

Clinical consultation and support

CEED clinicians provide consultation to specialist public mental health services and clinicians working with clients who have an eating disorder or an emerging eating disorder in Victoria.

The consultation service aims to enhance the capacity of Victoria’s health system to respond to the early intervention, treatment and rehabilitation needs of those with an eating disorder.

  • Primary Consultation includes a collaborative assessment of the client with a CEED team member
  • Secondary Consultation includes case consultation discussion with a CEED team member
  • Tertiary Consultation and Service Development includes consultation focused on service planning, structure and/or programs. For more information on this, see Service Development section.

We can provide one-off consultation and advice or CEED clinicians are able to have more comprehensive and ongoing involvement in case planning through participation in care team meetings within the service or facilitating case planning meetings with the shared agreement between different services/clinicians. Such support is commonly useful where cases are complex and there are multiple clinicians and services involved; and aims  at achieving a more comprehensive approach to the care of the individual and their family.

In addition, CEED can offer planned and regular group case consultations for clinicians/teams from a service.

To request consultation, please complete our online  Consultation Request Form which will be emailed directly to CEED.

Acknowledgement of receipt of your request should be received within a few days.


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