Assessment and Screening

Assessment and Screening

Description of the DSM-V criteria for eating disorders

The SCOFF Questionnaire is a five-question screening tool designed to clarify suspicion that an eating disorder might exist rather than to make a diagnosis. The questions can be delivered either verbally or in written form.

This resource has been developed to assist non-eating disorders experts ascertain the level of concern they should have for early signs and symptoms of disordered eating/eating disorders. This easy to read tool can help you determine when to escalate to further intervention and treatment.

These guidelines have been designed to help members of the public to provide first aid to someone who is developing or experiencing an eating disorder. The role of the first aider is to assist the person until appropriate professional help is received.

Physical Risk in Suspected Eating Disorders Mental Health Clinician Response Guide; Including Response Required, Indication / Symptom / Behaviour and Local Contacts for Action

A comprehensive information pack for general practitioners, including role of the GP, diagnosis, assessment, management, and referral.

Ancel Keys’ Minnesota study: in Minnesota in 1944 wartime conscientious objector college students volunteered for research that today remains a good description of what happens when a human partially starves and then re-introduces food

A decision making matrix to assist in determining the appropriate treatment setting and focus for adults with eating disorders.

A tool for assessing the degree to which physical activity is problematic for a client

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