This resource will help set recovery, and prevent relapse post CBT GSH

This resource will help Identifying some of the beliefs which underlie difficulties with eating and attempting to modify them.

This resource will assist in exploring how to widen the range of foods you eat and the environments in which you eat.

This resource will assist with learning how to define problems which cause you difficulty with your eating and learning to deal with them.

This resource will explore learning what sort of circumstances cause you to binge and what sort of things you can do to prevent this from happening.

This writable PDF can be utilised to set up a meal plan, and record you eating.

This writable PDF can be utilised to complete a systemic written record of your eating so that you can help know precisely what has been happening.

This writable PDF can be utilised to explore the change process in relation to eating behaviour.

This resource provides an overview of the 6 stages of CBT-GSH

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