Survey – 3 months follow up rating
Survey – 3 months follow up rating

3 months follow up rating

For service accountability and quality improvement regarding consultation effectiveness and usefulness CEED requests users to complete consultation rating scales at submission (pre-consultation), at 6 weeks and 3 months post consultation.

The rating scale will be used for CEED internal purposes only, but summary information may be provided to the Department of Human Services. Your personal details will remain anonymous.


Considering your reasons for requesting this consultation, circle current functioning in the areas outlined below.

    Functioning rating:

    Low <<------------->> High


    - Your Knowledge:

    - Your Skills:

    - Your Confidence:

    Care team functioning:

    Client / family:

    - Client Functioning:

    - Client physical state:

    - Family functioning:

    Additional comments:

    Can you nominate one helpful thing that CEED provided / supported you with?

    Please nominate one learning you intend to incorporate into your future practice:

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