The victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders

The victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders

COVID-19 and Eating Disorders – Information for Health Practitioners

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many of us having to re-think the way we work. Like us, you might be wondering about whether your clients with eating disorders are at increased risk of COVID-19, or how this pandemic will alter the way you provide treatment to clients with eating disorders in the near future. In conjunction with leaders around Victoria and Australia, CEED has developed some resources which might answer some of these questions:


CEED’s Services during the COVID-19 Shut Down

We’re still here to we’re still here to support mental health clinicians and services!

COVID-19 has changed some of the ways CEED connects, but not the work we do!

We will continue to provide our core services during this time:

  • clinical consultation,
  • group case consultation
  • training (stay tuned for updates as we move to providing more online training)
  • service development support
  • and access clinical resources.

We want to assure you that CEED has increased our capacity to provide clinical consultation (via phone/ video conferencing) to help you problem solve how you can continue provide quality and evidenced based treatment to your clients with eating disorders.

Our team has extensive experience in eating disorders, and we are here to help you navigate this rapidly changing context with which we currently find ourselves. To request consultation go to our online form: or email us at:


About CEED

The Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED) is the state-wide program in the Victorian government’s commitment to the provision of quality services for those with eating disorders and their families. 

CEED provides leadership and support to a range of services and clinicians through:

  • Clinical consultation services
  • Professional development
  • Service development

Our clinical consultation service is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Consultations can be provided via telephone, face to face, on site visits or via video-conference where possible.

Who can request CEED consultation services? CEED provides support to public mental health services including Adult Mental Health Services (AMHS) and Child and Adolescent/Youth Mental Health Services (CAMHS/CYMHS) in Victoria. Requests from other public health services will be considered.

How to assess CEED consultation and education services:

1. Complete the online Request for Consultation Form which will email CEED direct on completion CLICK HERE

2. Alternatively call the CEED Team on: 03 83872673



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