2022 Adult Webinar Series
2022 Adult Webinar Series


WEBINAR ONE – Thursday 22 September 2022

WEBINAR TWO – Thursday 13 October 2022

WEBINAR THREE – Thursday 17 November 2022



ESSENTIAL PRE VIEWING – Harm Reduction for Eating Disorders: A Pathway for the Clinician and Motivation for the Client – On Demand

Presented by Tanya Gilmartin, Tess Shannon & Jess Gomularz, Senior Clinicians, Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders

In this webinar, we introduce Harm Reduction approaches and how they may be applied when working with individuals who present with eating disorders and risky eating behaviours. We explore how harm reduction approaches have been found to improve treatment motivation and reduce individual risk in other domains (i.e. substance use), and outline practical strategies to assist clinicians in empowering their clients to take responsibility for their own personal safety.

WEBINAR ONE – Temperament – Thursday 22 September 2022

Presented by Jasmin Watson, Team Leader, Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders and Tanya Gilmartin, Senior Clinician, Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders

Research has linked a temperament characterised by high state anxiety, high harm avoidance, low reward sensitivity, high self-control and a tendency toward detailed-focused processing to the development, of Anorexia. Neurobiological research has provided the framework for the development of treatment protocols that focus on managing underlying factors that have been found to precede the development of the disorder and impeded treatment prognosis. Radically-Open DBT (RO-DBT) and Temperament-Based Therapy with Supports (TBT-S) are both emerging treatment modalities that boast positive preliminary data as treatments for Anorexia Nervosa. This webinar aims to provide attendees with a theoretical understanding of how temperament relates to disordered eating, to strengthen the development of a clear formulation and interventions that may help to augment current treatment approaches.


WEBINAR TWO – Support Inclusive Practice – Thursday 13 October 2022

Presented by Bliss Jackman, Carer Consultant, Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders, Dr Carmel Fleming, Conjoint Clinical Lecturer UQ & QUEDS, Helen Searle, Eating Disorder Project Lead, Alfred Health and Vicki Hams, Carer Consultant, Eating Disorders Victoria

In this webinar we focus on the inclusion of family members, carers and supports in the treatment of a loved one (18+) experiencing an eating disorder. Post the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, recommendations pertaining to mental health reforms discuss developing system-wide involvement of family members, carers and supports. CEED aligns with these recommendations and wish to offer AMHS clinicians the experiences and expertise of those delivering Family inclusive practices and those who have been the recipient of service. Using data from various publicly funded programs CEED aims to provide clinicians with the tools to effectively engage the client, their family members, carers or supports in interventions for adults (18+) experiencing an eating disorder. The overarching message is that the treating team is broad, and for best outcomes should always include supports.


WEBINAR THREE – How it Can Be Helpful to Take a Relational Approach When Working With People Experiencing an Eating Disorder  – Thursday 17 November 2022

Presented by Dr. Reem Ramadan, Clinical Psychologist: Eating Disorders Stream Leader, Orygen

This webinar will discuss how we can use the therapeutic relationship and our experience of it to support our work with people experiencing eating disorders. Formulating the relationship and what we can feel pulled to enact can help clinicians, teams, clients and families work together in a more collaborative way. Adopting a relational approach is particularly helpful when working with people with complex presentations, which can challenge us and the system around them.


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