2023 Adult Webinar Series
2023 Adult Webinar Series

WEBINAR ONE – Monday 26 June 2023

WEBINAR TWO – Monday 24 July 2023

WEBINAR THREE – Wednesday 2 August 2023


WEBINAR ONE – Working with Clients in Larger Bodies: 10.00am-11.30am, Monday 26 June 2023

Presented by Louise Adams, Clinical Psychologist, and Rhiannon Griggs, CEED Senior Clinician / Social Worker

In this webinar, Louise Adams – Clinical Psychologist, Host of the All Fired Up! podcast and Founder of the UNTRAPPED Academy: Uplifting Anti-Diet Life untrapped.com.au will focus on working with individuals in larger bodies, and address the harmful impact of weight stigma in healthcare. Pervasive diet culture and weight stigma in healthcare can leave individuals in larger bodies at increased risk of medical instability, and prolonged psychological distress and illness. The NEDC released their Management of eating disorders for people with higher weight: clinical practice guideline in 2022, and this webinar aims to support clinicians’ to align their practice with this guideline.


WEBINAR TWO – Working with Young Adults: 12.30pm-2.00pm, Monday 24 July 2023

Presented by Bliss Jackman, Lived Experience Team Leader CEED, Holly Dumbell, CEED Senior Clinician / Clinical Psychologist, and Sharon Nicola, CEED Senior Clinician / Clinical Psychologist

In this webinar we focus on working with young adults as they transition into adulthood and face major life changes such as finishing secondary school and or moving away from home.  The webinar will address some of the core issues dealt with in later adolescence such as the impact of eating disorders on intimate relationships, avoidance and risk taking.  The inclusion of family members, carers and supports in the treatment of a loved one (17+) experiencing an eating disorder remains imperative in young adulthood and throughout the lifespan.  Barriers and opportunities to include Supports in treatment will be discussed from clinician and lived experience carer perspectives.


WEBINAR THREE – Nutrition 101 for Mental Health Clinicians: 12.30pm-2.00pm, Wednesday 2 August 2023

Presented by Jess Gomularz, CEED Senior Clinician / Dietitian, Rhiannon Griggs, CEED Senior Clinician / Social Worker, and Gareth Sherring, CEED Senior Lived Experience Eating Disorders Advisor.

This webinar will focus on providing mental health clinicians with an understanding of safe nutrition, and what you do and don’t need to know about nutrition in your role as mental health clinician working with people with disordered eating. Many mental health clinicians feel uncertain about their role in discussing nutrition with clients, and concerned about stepping outside of their scope of practice. This webinar aims to support clinicians’ confidence in discussing nutrition, and challenge commonly held unhelpful beliefs about food and eating.  The webinar will include hearing from a range of perspectives including Dietitian, Lived Experience Advisor and Mental Health Clinician.


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