Cognitive Behavioural Guided Self-Help (CBT-GSH)
Cognitive Behavioural Guided Self-Help (CBT-GSH)

Helping clients overcome Bulimia, Binge Eating & Sub-clinical Disordered Eating: Skills based training for professionals, in Cognitive Behavioural Guided Self-Help (CBT-GSH)

Monday 23 November 8am – 1pm Live Online Workshop

Presented by CEED Senior Clinicians: Dr Emma Spiel & Jessica Ryan

This interactive workshop will provide clinicians with an overview of eating disorders, key cognitive behavioural treatment concepts, and practical skill development in evidence-based guided self-help strategies including:

Target Audience: Health professionals working with people experiencing body image concerns and eating disorders. Priority will be given to Victorian public mental health clinicians.

Prerequisites: Trainees should have recent, introductory understanding of eating disorders, ED assessment, and managing associated physical and mental health risks.If you are new to eating disorders management or require a refresh of your knowledge please complete Modules 1, 2 & 3 of the Inside Out Institute’s Eating Disorders Essentials Training as a prerequisite for this training. Please note: ED Essentials online training consists of approx. 17 hrs of professional development. Please allow time to register and complete this training. Please contact CEED to register:

Treatment Implementation requirement: This treatment model utilises the self-help treatment manual: “Overcoming Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating” (Cooper, 2009). Trainees are advised to purchase and review a copy of the manual prior to the training / delivering the treatment.

The manual (Hard copy or e-copy versions) can be purchased from:

Book depository (Book)   Ÿ  Booktopia (Book & eBook)  Ÿ  Amazon (Kindle & Book)



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