February 2023 Level Two TBT-S Treatment Based Therapy with Supports
February 2023 Level Two TBT-S Treatment Based Therapy with Supports

**Please note this training is at capacity – for TBT-S training please visit EDFA www.edfa.org.au**

Treat to the Traits: Treatment Based Therapy with Supports

Presented by Assoc. Prof. Laura Hill PhD and Assoc. Prof. Stephanie Knatz PhD

Level Two
9am – 4:30pm, Tuesday 14 February 2023
9am – 4:30pm, Wednesday 15 February 2023
9am – 4:30pm, Thursday 16 February 2023

TBT-S is an innovative treatment designed to augment other Eating Disorder (ED) approaches, filling gaps by treating to the client’s productive traits and using them as armor to manage destructive traits and ED symptoms. It provides more breadth of neurobiological brain alterations and includes Supports for clients of all ages.

TBT-S training is being delivered by the TBT-S Training Institute in partnership with Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED).

TBT-S Level 2 is a three-day training focusing clinician practice and application of TBT-S tools:

There are two versions of Level 2 training Adult Version (18 +) and Adolescent Version (17-27).  Trainees will attend one of these two alternatives:

Level 2 focuses on:

  • Applying and practicing TBT-S treatment tools and interventions
  •  Understanding neurobiological underpinnings and developmental foundations of TBT-S
  • Treatment applications
  • Integration of TBT-S into ongoing ED treatment practices

Target Audience: Clinicians of services who are partners in the TBT-S project with CEED will be prioritised to attend L1 & L2 (4 days) training.  A limited numbers of places for L1 and/or L2 training will be available for clinicians working in Victorian public mental health services.

For further information, download the training flyer HERE.

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