Webinar: Body Image in Family-Based Eating Disorder Treatment for Young People -SOLD OUT
Webinar: Body Image in Family-Based Eating Disorder Treatment for Young People -SOLD OUT


Body Image in Family-Based Eating Disorder Treatment for Young People: Enhancing Connection & Support Through Understanding

Body image experiences, concerns, dissatisfaction, and associated distress are significant predisposing and maintaining factors for eating disorders. In the initial phases of treatment for adolescent eating disorders, care is (rightly) focused on physical-nutritional rehabilitation and symptom disruption. This focus aims to swiftly interrupt the development of a chronic eating disorder and guide young people towards recovery.
Nonetheless, families and young people express that body image is an important component in eating disorder treatment and recovery. Many parents feel unclear about what body image is, how it relates to the predicament they and their loved one find themselves in, and many express a desire to feel more skilled and confident to respond to their loved one’s body experience.
Body image is an area where clinicians, parents and the young person can share in dialogue and move toward understanding in ways that enhance rapport and support people to feel less isolated, and more understood in their body experience whilst firm action is taken to attenuate eating disorder behaviours and address harms. This can set the early groundwork for young people to grow into a more accepting and compassionate relationship with their body over time.
This webinar aims to increase understanding of the body image construct as it related to young people in family-led treatment and recovery for eating disorders. Clinicians will be given guidance regarding how to engage in dialogue with families, supports and communities, as well as the young person regarding the here-and-now impacts and implications of body image, as well as supporting the team to hold a vision for the future in which the young person may move toward and experience positive embodiment.
Please note: CEED will be offering a preliminary online video overview of the body image concept that supports clinicians to develop foundational knowledge in body image. This is not a mandatory prerequisite but is highly recommended in preparation for the webinar. Links to this online presentation will be sent out to registrants prior to the webinar.

Intended learning outcomes:
• Increased ability to understand and formulate body image concerns as part of overall clinical presentation for young people experiencing eating disorders, in parent/family-led approaches to recovery.
• Increased capacity to education and open conversations around body image concerns with parents and other family members during eating disorders treatment for young people
Target Mental health clinicians and other health professionals working with young people in family/parent-led treatment and recovery
Audience: Priority will be given to Victorian public mental health clinicians & Eating Disorder Coordinators.


The webinar will be live online through zoom (link to be sent to registrations via email).

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