NEDC Video
NEDC Video

This half-hour video module is aimed at health professionals and provides an introduction to recovery-focused psychological treatments for eating disorders. It does not provide training in how to deliver any particular evidence-based treatment modalities.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Ability to conduct a strengths-based assessment with a person with an eating disorder;
  • Ability to demonstrate an empathic understanding of the high levels of ambivalence and fear of change in people with eating disorders;
  • Ability to engage parents, carers, partners and work collaboratively with them to support recovery;
  • Ability to explain the range of education and support needs a person with an eating disorder and their support people may require;
  • Knowledge of specific evidence-based psychological treatments;
  • Ability to implement strategies to enhance motivation for change;
  • Understanding of the risk of relapse, indications or relapse, and the importance of recovery support and strategies to prevent or manage relapse;
  • Ability to demonstrate awareness of personal attitudes, values and beliefs and to manage any potential impact of these on work with a person with an eating disorder;
  • Ability to utilise relevant tertiary services for professional training, case conferencing, supervision and referral.

By watching this video, you can claim half an hour of self-directed CPD with your professional college or association.

For more information about the content raised in these videos, please see this handout.

This video forms part of a suite of five video modules – check our eLearning section on this website for more or select from the list below: 

– Introduction to Eating Disorders

– Screening and Assessment

– Medical Management

– Nutritional Management

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