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CEED has developed and sourced a range of resources for clinicians and services, from tools, guidelines and links to other useful sites. To find a resource, you can search by category in the menu to the left or by keyword in the search box.

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Medical Complications of Malnutrition (Austin ACED)
Developed by the Austin Adolescent and Child Eating Disorders Program 2018, this resource is to assist parents and carers in understanding the potential medical complications arising from an eating disorder.
Laboratory Assessments for Clients with Eating Disorders
Describes the laboratory assessments required when providing assessment and treatment for someone for an eating disorder
Medical Monitoring in Eating Disorders
A summary of the medical monitoring required for specific EDs including: effect of starvation / malnutrition, frequency of review or repeat management, and indications for medical admission to manage acute severe malnutrition and prevent refeeding syndrome
AED Critical Points for Early Recognition & Medical Risk Management in the Care of Individuals with Eating Disorders 2016
Often referred to as, "the purple brochure," this guide from the Academy for Eating Disorders' (AED) Medical Care Standards Task Force, is intended as a resource to promote recognition of, and risk management in the care of, those with eating disorders.
Eating Disorders: A Professional Resource for General Practitioners
GPs are likely to come into contact with someone with an eating disorder. NEDC have developed a range of health professional resources to support their roles in the prevention, identification, medical management and referral of patients with eating disorders.
Eating Disorders Association Qld: General Practitioner Information Kit
A comprehensive information pack for general practitioners, including role of the GP, diagnosis, assessment, management, and referral.
Physical Risk in Suspected Eating Disorders - Mental Health Clinician Response Guide
Physical Risk in Suspected Eating Disorders Mental Health Clinician Response Guide; Including Response Required, Indication / Symptom / Behaviour and Local Contacts for Action
North East Eating Disorders Taskforce Resource
The North East Metro Eating Disorders Taskforce developed a Care Pathway, Care Planning And Care Coordination resource for use by all health professionals and services within the North East metropolitan area.
Diabetes and Disordered Eating
Living with diabetes places a lot of focus on food, weight, and body image. Sometimes, this can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food, disordered eating, or possibly an eating disorder. If your client is having these problems, this resource may assist. Developed by the National Diabetes Services Scheme.