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Approach to early intervention in eating disorders for PHNs
Operation EAT (Early Action and Treatment) is a model of intervening early in eating disorders for a community. It is an approach targeting disordered eating, emerging eating disorders, and early-in-illness treatment to tackle these challenging and debilitating conditions and prevent long term morbidity and mortality. It uses multiple primary care settings, health practitioners, families and the wider community to provide integrated, coherent responses to the issue. It is suitable for primary health networks, area mental health services, local government areas and any other catchment based health promotion service.
Carer Consultation Process
Summary of the CEED Carer Consultation Process reasons and why your service may consider requesting this support.
Eating Disorder Treatment Decision-Matrix for Adults
A decision making matrix to assist in determining the appropriate treatment setting and focus for adults with eating disorders.
North East Eating Disorders Taskforce - Final Report (2017)
The North East Eating Disorder Taskforce was the initiative of a regional eating disorder services stakeholders meeting in the North East facilitated by the Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders in 2016.
North East Eating Disorders Taskforce Resource
The North East Metro Eating Disorders Taskforce developed a Care Pathway, Care Planning And Care Coordination resource for use by all health professionals and services within the North East metropolitan area.
Supporting people with mental health needs to access the NDIS
Created by VMIAC, this document provides information to supplement our brochure for medical and allied health professionals who are supporting their patients to apply for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
CEED stakeholder survey report 2018
CEED undertook a survey of our stakeholders in September 2018. This report provides a summary of the responses and analysis of findings.
Working with family and supports of adults with an eating disorder
Developed by the Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders 2019, “WORKING WITH FAMILIES AND SUPPORTS OF ADULTS WITH AN EATING DISORDER” is designed for use by services and clinicians in planning and delivering services. This document is intended to be read as an adjunct to the Office of Chief Psychiatrist Guidelines for Working with Families and Carers . It assumes services and clinicians are working in concurrence with these broader guidelines for mental health.
Role Description - Eating Disorder Coordinators
The Program Management Circular (PMC): ‘Clinical mental health service responses for people with eating disorders in Victoria’ (MHB, 2007), described and guided the role of public specialist mental health services in responding to the needs of Victorians of all ages experiencing an eating disorder.
Eating Disorders Care and Recovery Framework
The Eating Disorders Care and Recovery Framework describes the best practice components of prevention, identification, risk management, treatment, recovery and support that need to be in place in a robust and capable system of care for all forms of eating disorders across the severity spectrum.