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Role Description Eating Disorder Coordinators
The Program Management Circular (PMC): ‘Clinical mental health service responses for people with eating disorders in Victoria’ (MHB, 2007), described and guided the role of public specialist mental health services in responding to the needs of Victorians of all ages experiencing an eating disorder. Mental health services now have a clear responsibility to address the needs of individuals with an eating disorder, and their families. Policies and procedures; and clinical practice will need to be developed to enable this service provision. The PMC stated that AMHS should identify key contact clinicians within each AMHS region to coordinate an appropriate mental health service response for eating disorders in conjunction with the authorised psychiatrist; as well as support clinical staff from all program areas (Adult and CAMHS). They will be known as Eating Disorder Coordinators (EDC).
Eating Disorders Care and Recovery Framework
The Eating Disorders Care and Recovery Framework describes the best practice components of prevention, identification, risk management, treatment, recovery and support that need to be in place in a robust and capable system of care for all forms of eating disorders across the severity spectrum. It depicts eating disorders as a longitudinal experience that requires ongoing and targeted care to ensure the person and their family achieve maximum recovery and the highest level of quality of life.