‘The Essentials’ eLearning
‘The Essentials’ eLearning

'The Essentials' eLearning

‘The Essentials’ is a foundational online learning program designed for health professionals working with eating disorders. ‘The Essentials’ eLearning meets the workforce core competencies for the safe and effective identification of and response to eating disorders as outlined by the National Eating Disorders Collaboration.


Victorian based Clinicians

CEED is currently subsidising registrations for all Victorian-based clinicians. Discounted rate $120 (standard pricing $280).


NEDC Eating Disorder Core Skills

NEDC is offering the Eating Disorder Core Skills eLearning for Mental Health Professionals, which is freely accessible to all NEDC members (membership is free).


  • Clinicians based outside of Victoria can register HERE
  • Total time required to complete the online learning program is approximately 15 hours.
  • Access to the online training is valid for three (3) months (based on a 30 day month) only.
  • A one (1) month extension can be purchased HERE for $50.00
  • For an additional three (3) month extension can be purchased for $95.00, please contact ceed@mh.org.au to arrange.
  • Your certificate of completion is available for download from the 'Achievements’ tab of your eLearning account.
  • Information about CPD points can be found HERE under 'accreditation bodies'.
  • For registration assistance contact: ceed@mh.org.au
  • For eLearning program assistance contact: admin@insideoutinstitute.org.au

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